AIRDROP:The First NFT of MetaOasis, Vote to Get it!

In the past few months, you, our friends, have been waiting for new progress. Now here comes good news. MetaOasis will launch the first NFT for you who always grow along with us.

The NFT we plan to launch is different from other NFTs. It endows owners whitelist and allows you to have priority to buy the NFT at the early-bird stage when it is launched officially to the trade market. At the same time, with this NFT, you will get 1 point which can be accumulated for the discount used to buy spaceship NFT in the future.

To conclude, it has two functions:

One, getting early-bird priority.

Two, accumulating 1 point for bigger discounts in the future.

Notice: one address, one NFT.

How to Get the NFT

All you need to do is vote for us. Everyone who votes for us can get the NFT regardless of the number of votes, even the minimum.

Just take one small step then you can get it.

When the voting ends, you can visit MetaOasis official website to mint the NFT from 2nd, April.

How to Vote

  • Own an account with Metamask.
  • Make sure you have a sufficient AVAX in your wallet.
  • Click the event page link:
  • Find us and click on another page to vote(the “vote button” is on the top-right corner).
  • Choose your wallet, enter the number of votes and click confirm to finish.

Notice: voting via mobile phone may fail. Please vote on PC, better via Metamask or Chrome.

This is the first and meaningful step for MetaOasis and thank you all for supporting us. You are our solid partner and the source of our confidence. We have a long journey to go but we will always welcome challenges and break the frontier. Braveness lives forever.

Toast to us.



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