Full-Featured Game NFTs Based on ERC-6551 (FFG-NFTs)

6 min readJul 13



Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have taken a significant position in the development of blockchain technology, especially in the gaming industry where the application of NFTs has been widely accepted. However, traditional NFT standards, such as ERC-721, while ensuring the uniqueness and irreplaceability of each token, fall short in supporting complex game logic and rich user experiences. This is mainly because the design intention of the ERC-721 standard was to ensure the uniqueness and ownership of tokens, without considering that tokens might need to carry more complex data and logic.

This limitation is particularly evident in the gaming industry. Under the traditional ERC-721 standard, a game NFT might just be a token representing a game character or item, with all its data and logic needing to be handled by the game server. This not only limits the ways NFTs can be used in games but also restricts the innovative space for game developers in designing game logic and user experiences.

However, with the introduction of the ERC-6551 standard, this situation has fundamentally changed. ERC-6551 is a new NFT standard that allows each NFT to have an associated smart contract wallet. This means that each NFT can own its assets, store its data, and execute its logic. This enhancement of autonomy and functionality opens up new possibilities for the application of NFTs in games.

As MetaOasis, a comprehensive empowerment platform dedicated to web3 game publishing, we see the possibilities brought by ERC-6551 and decide to adopt this new standard to pioneer our full-featured game NFT project. Through this project, we hope to leverage NFT technology to revolutionize the gaming industry, providing players with a richer, more engaging, and fairer gaming experience.

Technical Principle

The core principle and implementation method of the ERC-6551 standard are the focus of MetaOasis, especially its specific implementation and advantages in gaming applications. In this section, these contents will be elaborated in detail. ERC-6551 is a new NFT standard that allows each NFT to have an associated smart contract wallet. This smart contract wallet can store and manage the attributes and states of the NFT, as well as the interaction with other NFTs. This design allows NFTs to have richer functions and higher flexibility, greatly enhancing the application value of NFTs in games. In MetaOasis games, each NFT is an independent entity in an ERC-6551 smart contract, which can have its attributes and states, as well as interactions with other NFTs. For example, a spaceship NFT can have its equipment, skills, and states. It can fight with other spaceship NFTs or interact with planet NFTs. This design makes MetaOasis games have rich gameplay and high playability. Traditional NFT standards, such as ERC-721, perform well in some applications but have some limitations in gaming applications. For example, they cannot support complex interactions and state management of NFTs, nor can they support the upgrade and expansion of NFTs. The ERC-6551 standard perfectly solves these problems. It not only supports complex interactions and state management of NFTs but also supports the upgrade and expansion of NFTs. This allows MetaOasis games to provide a richer gaming experience and opens up new possibilities for the future development of NFTs. MetaOasis believes that by using the ERC-6551 standard, we can develop richer and more interesting games, and also promote the progress and development of NFT technology.

Implementation Method

At MetaOasis, we have adopted the ERC-6551 standard to build our full-featured game NFTs. Here is our implementation method:

  1. Smart Contract Design and Implementation We first design and implement a series of smart contracts to support the full-featured game NFTs of the ERC-6551 standard. These smart contracts include the generation, trading, ownership transfer of NFTs, and integration with other systems. Our smart contract design follows the provisions of the ERC-6551 standard, ensuring that our NFTs have high interoperability and scalability.
  2. Generation of Game NFTs At MetaOasis, we use the ERC-6551 standard to generate game NFTs. Each NFT is an independent ERC-6551 smart contract, containing all the information and functions of the NFT. Our system will dynamically generate and destroy NFTs according to the needs of the game and the behavior of the players.
  3. Trading of Game NFTs Our system supports the trading of game NFTs of the ERC-6551 standard. Players can buy, sell, and exchange NFTs on our platform. Our system will automatically handle all the trading processes, including price calculation, trade matching, ownership transfer, etc.
  4. Integration with Other Systems Our system supports integration with other systems compatible with ERC-6551. This means that players can bring their NFTs obtained in MetaOasis to other games for use, or bring their NFTs obtained in other games to MetaOasis for use. This greatly increases the utility and value of our NFTs. Through the above implementation methods, we have successfully applied the ERC-6551 standard to our full-featured game NFTs, providing players with a rich, dynamic, and interactive gaming experience.

Market Prospects

With the continuous development and popularization of blockchain technology, the blockchain game market is rapidly expanding. According to a report by Grand View Research, the global blockchain game market size was estimated to be $4.83 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $7.89 billion in 2023. Yahoo’s report even predicts that by 2030, the global blockchain game market size is expected to reach $301.53 billion, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 68.3% from 2023 to 2030. This rapid growth trend provides our full-featured game NFTs with huge market potential. As more players and developers enter the blockchain game market, the demand for high-quality, highly interactive game NFTs will continue to grow. Our full-featured game NFTs, with their unique design and powerful functions, are expected to occupy an important position in this market. In addition, our full-featured game NFTs are also expected to promote the further development of the blockchain game market. Through the ERC-6551 standard, our NFTs can be used not only in MetaOasis but also in other games compatible with ERC-6551. This interoperability will greatly increase the utility and value of our NFTs, attracting more players and developers to join our platform. We firmly believe that with the continuous development and expansion of the blockchain game market, our full-featured game NFTs will have broader application prospects, providing players with a richer, deeper gaming experience, and also bringing continuous growth and development to our platform.

Challenges and Responses

In the process of implementing full-featured game NFTs based on ERC-6551, we may face some challenges. Here are these challenges and our response strategies:

  1. Complexity of Technical Implementation: The ERC-6551 standard provides a new way to implement more complex NFTs, but this also means that implementing this standard requires higher technical requirements. We need to have sufficient technical capabilities to implement this standard and ensure its stability and security under various circumstances. Response Strategy: Our team is composed of a group of experienced blockchain developers who have a deep understanding of the ERC-6551 standard and have the ability to implement this complex standard. We will also continue to pay attention to the latest developments in blockchain technology to ensure that our technical implementation is always at the forefront of the industry.
  2. Interoperability of NFTs: Although the ERC-6551 standard provides a way to implement the interoperability of NFTs, in practical applications, how to ensure that our NFTs can be compatible with other systems and standards is still a challenge. Response Strategy: We will cooperate with other blockchain games and NFT platforms to jointly promote the wide acceptance and application of the ERC-6551 standard. We will also follow the principles of openness and transparency, sharing our technical implementation with the community to encourage more developers and platforms to support this standard.
  3. User Acceptance: Although the ERC-6551 standard provides a new and more powerful NFT, whether it can be accepted by the market and users is still an unknown. We need to promote the market and educate users to improve their acceptance of this new type of NFT. Response Strategy: We will promote the understanding and understanding of the ERC-6551 standard and our full-featured game NFTs through various channels, such as community activities, education and training, media publicity, etc. We will also attract and retain users by providing high-quality gaming experiences and services. Through the above response strategies, we are confident to overcome these challenges, successfully implement full-featured game NFTs based on ERC-6551, and provide users with a rich, dynamic, and interactive gaming experience.