Understanding MetaOasis : What is a “Good Blockchain Game Economic System”?

After the climax and disillusionment in 2021, the development of blockchain games has gained unprecedented attention and has also been questioned by many people. Judging from many cases, the collapse of the economic system is the main reason that makes blockchain games questioned. MetaOasis, as a game representing the future, has conducted a lot of research on the design of the economic order in the game, hoping to find a “good blockchain game economic system”.

By MetaOasis

We might as well go back to the most basic concept — economic system. The economic system or economic order is a system of production, quota and distribution of goods and services within a society or a specific geographical area. It includes a combination of various entity decision-making processes and consumption patterns that constitute the economic structure of a specific community. Note that this system is a functional closed loop that is constantly circulating. And the closed loop corresponds to the “system division of labor”, and the process of circulation corresponds to the relationship between supply and demand, or “production and consumption”.

As far as most blockchain games in the current market are concerned, the lack of “systematic division of labor” is obvious. In their economic system, each player participates in the game with the purpose of obtaining returns, so the rewards obtained by the players who participate in the game first can only come from the initial investment of the players who enter the game later. Then when there are fewer and fewer players who enter the game later and the value in the economic system becomes less, the first seller eager to recover the cost will cause collective selling pressure of the entire chain. On the other hand, the structure of “production and consumption” is too single. The process of consumption becomes part of production. For example, if you consume a certain cost to get a return, then for an infinitely cumulative equation, you just make the addition smaller and prolong the time to get a return. Therefore, the economic system of these games will always collapse in a short period of time.

So what is a “good blockchain game economic system”?

Secondly, the composition of “production and consumption” is pluralistic and non-linear. Whether players make themselves richer and stronger in the game through production, or consume resources in the process of organization, competition and battle. Economic activities aimed at obtaining “emotional value” can contribute necessary circulation elements to the entire economic circulation system outside of P2E, and add randomness to the calculation results of the economic system, complicating the distribution process and making the economic system increase its ability to resist a single risk.

In addition to the above two lessons inherited from traditional games, what is more important is that the “good blockchain game economic system” can reflect the advanced nature of blockchain games, which we summarize as shared revenue and revenue realization. On the one hand, early consensus-building with the game, people or groups that support the development of the game should be rewarded. In MetaOasis, the reward tokens they receive Mtos can be exchanged for production tools (including Land, spaceship, etc.), which will return to the game and participate in a longer cycle of economic cycles before being gradually realized. This is not only conducive to the introduction of game traffic, but also conducive to early investors to enjoy the dividends in the process of economic cycle improvement. On the other hand, because the in-game output can be realized instantly through virtual tokens, pure P2E players or organizations can more safely find their own position in the game and participate in the cycle of the game system. But at the same time, MetaOasis’s huge technological and industrial system makes it difficult for any individual or even organization to form a monopoly in it and affect the healthy and sustainable operation of the economic system.

We are talking about a “good economic system” rather than a “perfect economic system”, just like the continuous development of human society. But we believe MetaOasis has found the right direction and will continue to explore developments in this direction to bring users an unprecedented blockchain gaming experience.

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