MetaOasis in Tokyo for TEAMZ Web3 SUMMIT, Japan’s most influential Blockchain Events

4 min readMay 19


Everyone, at the moment MetaOasis is in Tokyo for the TEAMZ Web3 SUMMIT, one of the most influential blockchain events in Japan, and as a silver sponsor of the summit, the Co-team, which is exhibiting in Japan, is showcasing important information about MetaOasis at our exclusive booth.

We cherished this opportunity to meet more friends and partners, so we also prepared our souvenir handicrafts such as minigame consoles, fans, keychains, light-up bracelets, MetaOasis badges and stamped cards for our friends, players and many supporters. Thank you very much!

Although this was our first time being invited to Japan, to our surprise, the people there were very enthusiastic! We were approached by a very large number of Web3 Japanese friends at our booth, excited to say that they were supporters who had been following MetaOasis for a long time, as well as some Player One PFP NFT holders.

When they found out that MetaOasis was coming to Japan, they came from all over Japan to Tokyo just to interact with the MetaOasis core team.

With the overwhelming enthusiasm of everyone, the 1,500 copies of our gifts were snapped up early. In particular, Player One PFP NFT’s series of Q-keychains were the most popular gifts.

We are also very gald to take the opportunity of hosting this exhibition to bring the gifts about MetaOasis to Tokyo and hand-deliver them to these loyal consensuses.

At the same time, our community has also held a lot of online events about the TEAMZ Web3 SUMMIT, and the number of participants is about to exceed 800. The community events will run until May 22nd, so come and join us for a chance to win USDT, NFT, and more prizes!

For more information on the events, please check the MetaOasis Discord.

Finally, we would like to say that through the TEAMZ Web3 SUMMIT, MetaOasis not only got to meet many users and fans, but our CMO & Co-founder AmelieWu was also invited to be a speaker in a roundtable discussion with a group of top industry insiders on 18 May at 13:00 Tokyo time to discuss Web3 industry trends and other topics.

After the roundtable, AmelieWu was interviewed by a lot of Web3 and local medium, including the organizers.

The trip to Japan not only allowed us to listen to the experiences, feedback and opinions of real users, but also to communicate with many industry veterans, which made our minds keep thinking. We believe that all these valuable experiences will help us to achieve a more ambitious vision for MetaOasis, and we are not alone, because of you!

Last but not least, we just want to say thanks to all of the organizers of TEAMZ for their kind invitation and all the players and users for their enthusiasm!