MetaOasis Invested 1.5 Million in the VR Field

4 min readJan 17


The crypto field plunged into huge depression in 2022, but MetaOasis still overcame difficulties and reached milestones under the support of our partners and loyal users.

In Q1, Embassy Planet and Stayed goes live and we won the first Hackthon award. In Q2, the MetaOasis ecosystem was established, the Marketplace was available to the public, and we won the second Hackthon award. In Q3, MetaOasis invested 2 million dollars in MetaOasis Lab and launched the beta test of Light Chaser. In Q4, the Emergence beta test and the genesis PFP NFT(Player One) launched.

As we all know, MetaOasis has been adhering to the vision of empowering a new generation of web3 games. Therefore, since its establishment, MetaOasis has always been keenly aware of the industry and strives to stay at the forefront to obtain new trends, new technologies and new markets in blockchain, gaming and web3.

A year before Metaverse aroused heated discussion, MetaOasis founded the in-house studio — FunWave to research and develop Metaverse products. And FunWave made our expected progress to complete the R&D of the first Metaverse scene and the internal test half a year earlier.

Based on marketing research and industry experience,MetaOasis believes that the next trend to sweep through web2 and web3 fields is likely to be VR.

And VR has shown infinite potential along with the wave of Metaverse according to the current situation.

First, judging from the current VR ecosystem, the next peak is coming soon.

In 2021, the sales of VR devices surpassed 10 million and the technology giants rushed into Metaverse. In 2022, the downstream ecosystem of VR sector has fully grown, which gave us confidence to move forwards to the next step in our vision.

We believe that VR and Metaverse in the web3 field are at a very early stage, so the layout ahead of time can help MetaOasis and its ecosystem to acquire VR users.

Second, the game industry will be influenced by immersive interaction experience in the long-term.

Games are an important means to boost the penetration rate of a VR headset in user consumption, with a strong explosion, high sustainability, and a large area for expansion.

Every game developer has been working hard to develop VR games, making the VR game market continue to grow fast in recent years. And every advent of an excellent VR game can bring huge growth to the entire VR industry.

Therefore, MetaOasis never stopped its pace in the second half of 2022, when the market environment was sluggish. MetaOasis actively draws more powerful investors, like MZ CLUB established by Yusaku Maezawa. Meanwhile, MetaOasis has set up partnerships with many well-known blockchain games like CyberStella, Evermoon, Dracoo World, Big Time and others.

Besides, as early as the first half of 2022, we started to layout VR with our keen sense of smell. Thus MetaOasis has invested $1.5 million in R&D to support its studios in creating better VR products.

Our in-house studio didn’t let us down. So far, the two studios have successfully developed two VR games each.

Gun and Glory, the VR game with tremendous concentration, is produced by our inhouse studio with over decades of game-making experience.

In game-making, design and development teams fully integrate human physiology and follow the physical principles of perspective to find the best way to achieve a balance between VR game and players’ brain and body, as well as smooth operation.

We can expect that the game will improve in the future, whether on web2 or web3. The immersive experience created by improved games and devices will provide gamers with a new experience, even confusing the real and virtual worlds.

Based on this, MetaOasis will always search and strive to find better solutions, create better content, and make games with the best user experiences before the market, industry, and competition.

To conclude, MetaOasis believes that the current layout of VR not only enriches the ecosystem of MetaOasis platform, but also leads the entire platform to master VR technology first, attract VR users first, and obtain market share in the VR field as much as possible.