MetaOasis SDK Alpha Test is Live Now!

3 min readMar 16


Today, we are pleased to share some exciting news: the MetaOasis SDK Alpha 0.8 will soon be open for testing!

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This milestone achievement undoubtedly fills us with more confidence to make contributions on web3, as we believe that MetaOasis’ SDK will have many unprecedented positive impacts on web3 users and developers. This will also bring us closer to our vision of building a first-class web3 gaming publishing platform.

Now, we invite all web2/web3 quality developers and studios to participate in the MetaOasis SDK Alpha 0.8 testing. We will scrupulously select those developers/studios with the consensus and potential to experience, optimize, and ultimately witness the changes that our SDK will achieve in web3.

In addition to SDK testing, you can also receive full-range web3 support from MetaOasis Lab, including funding, resources, market operations, and NFT sharing, etc. to help you and your great game easily enter web3.

Now, I’m eager to discuss with you the benefits that the MetaOasis SDK will provide gamers, developers, and even the whole web3 game.

Make developers focus on their games

  • Deploy effectively

Based on MetaOasis Lab’s goal of allowing developers to save more time on blockchain development in order to focus on the game itself, MetaOasis has an integrated SDK that supports a wide range of common engines and platforms.

Developers only need to log in to MetaOasis’s Development Center, and with a clear deployment procedure and extremely simple entry information, you can quickly and easily launch your game, whether you are a blockchain developer or not!

  • From web2 to web3 without restriction

The natural technical barriers of web3 have isolated countless developers who dream of creating high-quality games, while the high participation costs and complicated registration process have also discouraged many players who are tired of bullying centralization of traditional games from web3 games.

And with the MetaOasis integration SDK, developers no longer need to spend a lot of time and efforts solving technical difficulties such as login and payment for web2 users! It will have clear guidelines for developers to follow and deploy the products, which will be accessible for web2 users if they follow step-by-step instructions.

Achieve a healthy and sustainable game ecosystem

  • Players can find their targeted games

Players will be able to find games that suit their interests precisely and quickly on the MetaOasis platform due to the page’s individualized recommendation system, which is based on a comprehensive collection of data on game performance and player feedback from the SDK.

  • Developers can optimize the games

The unique consensus mechanism of MetaOasis platform is to incentivize players by tokens who actively share their opinions and recommendations for games in the MetaOasis platform forum, and developers will continue to optimize the game accordingly based on rich and real user feedback, and eventually achieve a healthy and sustainable game ecosystem with more and more fun and loyal users.

The consensus mechanism is based on the DAU data within the MetaOasis SDK algorithm, to grab more accurate and scientific data feedback.

By now, we believe there are many developers who wish to participate in the MetaOasis SDK version 0.8 test, and we welcome you to join us to seek a better solution to optimize the web3 gaming experience and build a healthy and sustainable web3 gaming environment together!

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