MetaOasis Will Participate in TEAMZ WEB3 SUMMIT, One of Japan’s Most Influential Blockchain Events

3 min readMay 9


We are glad to share the good news with all MetaOasis supporters: on May 17–18, the MetaOasis team will go to Japan to participate in the TMEAZ Web3 Summit, which is known as one of the most influential blockchain events in Japan.

Japanese version is here.

It’s worth noting that this summit is an improved version of TEAMZ BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT. It will encourage Japanese enterprises’ web3 business growth through lectures by web3 professionals across the world, as well as through improving awareness of the Japanese market and the present worldwide condition in the sector. Pioneers and experts in the web3 field, both domestic and international, will be invited to present their perspectives on technology applications, market demands, and solutions, as well as to participate in panel discussions that will bring together people from a variety of industries and countries.

The organizer invited a host of strong capitalists, quality projects, web3 builders, technical experts and others that are deeply involved in the web3 field, such as Tone Vays, Tim Draper, Sota Watanabe and others.

These top people in the web3 industry have been role models for MetaOasis, and their contributions to building web3 are always inspiring us. This is also a great opportunity for us to explore the diversity of web3 together.

Therefore, MetaOasis, a hot-blooded planet in the web3, has reached a series of milestones:

  • Over 30 VCs from crypto.
  • Over 100 partners from more than 30 countries and regions.
  • Over 20 games are listed.
  • Over 100 KOLs in close cooperation.
  • Over 4,000 gamers participated in the public beta of the game.
  • Over 10,000 online participants in a single Twitter Space.
  • TOP4 Trend on OpenSea on launch day.
  • Double hackathon titles.
  • Take 1.5 million to layout of the VR field.
  • $3M capital injection to establish MetaOasis Lab.
  • Completed development of SDK Alpha 0.8.

We are excited and honored that MetaOasis has also received an invitation from the organizers, which means that our previous achievements have been recognized by the most influential blockchain organization in Japan.

It is certainly good news for all our capitalists, partners, community, users, and all our supporters. Previously, MetaOasis expanded into the Japanese market through backers: MZ CLUB and KudasaiJP. And MZ CLUB KudasaiJP will give us the utmost support in the summit this time.

We will not only further increase MetaOasis’ visibility in Japan and Asia through this summit, but meet more quality web3 contributors from all over the world.

In addition, the co-founder & CMO of MetaOasis will be the speaker to discuss the web3 industry and other topics with a group of top industry professionals.

We believe that through this in-depth communication with a group of quality web3 practitioners, the collision of ideas will bring more inspiration to each other, and we can all get the latest web3 consultation, dynamic and cutting-edge technology from all over the world.

These most valuable ideas and technologies will also be applied to the MetaOasis ecosystem in the future to better optimize our products and to achieve a more ambitious vision.

Therefore, we welcome all MetaOasis friends to the TMEAZ Web3 Summit. Compared with the original online communication which is limited in conveying our vision, this time we will not only introduce our vision, but also products and the platform in more detail. We also hope to take this opportunity to collect opinions from all parties in order to better build the MetaOasis ecosystem.

We also have some extra surprises prepared for all those who come! At that time, we will carry out postmark collecting activities that interact with the staff to collect all the postmarks and then you can get souvenirs.

Face-to-face communication, we believe, will bring us closer to each other.

In the future, we will continue to work with more consensus partners to achieve our goals and visions. Ready to land in the new Web3 world with MetaOasis.