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MetaOasis new mini-game “Light Chaser” will hold a campaign for its public beta test. We warmly welcome you to join the test to share $200K prize pool!

All players will say goodbye to the previous boring blockchain games that you can’t even call P2E game. In Light Chaser, you can earn great rewards while experiencing a fun-filled flight experience!

Prize Pool

For Individual

  • TOP 1–10 will get Genesis NFT Flagship (15,000USDT in total)
  • TOP 11–30 will get Lottery Tickets ( 40,000USD in total)
  • TOP 1–200 will share 10,000 $MTOS
  • Complete the gleam to play the game and get limited edition NFT Avatar.

For Guilds

  • TOP 1–3 guilds will get 10 Genesis NFT Flagships ($50,000USD)
  • MetaOasis Co-branded NFT Flagships with Guild’s Logo

Each guild members’ scores can be accumulated. If the total scores of each guild rank on top 3, the guild will be rewarded 10 Genisis NFT Flagships.

User Name rules: Guild name + your name.

At the event this time, MetaOasis will establish the exclusive channel for each guild and only the members can join in. Join your guild’s Discord channel and get your own identity! Let’s look forward to the exclusive airdrop!

Participation process

  • Complete the gleam to get whitelist of beta test — https://gleam.io/i5ENc/light-chaser-wl
  • Open MetaOasis Light Chaser on the test website — https://test-light-chaser.metaoasis.cc
  • Sign up Metamask if you don’t have the account at top right corner
  • Click to connect Metamask if you already have the account
  • Bind on Account
  • Download Light Chaser
  • Log in your account by email
  • Choose your spacecraft to play
  • Click RANKING to check the leaderboard

Have a look into this instruction: https://youtu.be/B7gKetCwrcE

Furthermore,MetaOasis will hold an AMA on Discord, Join in to get the freshest news! Join now: https://discord.com/invite/metaoasis

About MetaOasis NFT

The prize pool’s spaceship NFT is the main asset within the MetaOasis ecosystem, and the spacecraft NFT will guide you through MetaOasis scene of metaverse and give you a marvellous experience of gameplay.

What should be noted is that the MetaOasis Genesis NFTs will never be obtained through marketplace purchases, which means we will not sell NFTs to the public. The only way to get it is to stake your MetaOasis Token(MTOS got by IDO) to obtain Lottery Tickets, which you can then use to win spaceship NFTs in a raffle; Another way is to buy from other holders through the secondary market.

MetaOasis is one of the few platforms where NFT can be used across the whole platform. Furthermore, live projects developed by the five studios that MetaOasis has successfully incubated have achieved mass market adoption around the world.

As the MetaOasis ecosystem flourishes and the platform becomes more content-rich, MetaOasis NFT will be unlocked for a variety of uses across the whole platform, unlike other platforms or games where NFTs can only be traded or viewed.

1.The NFT’s future lies in interoperability and delicacy

The NFTs of MetaOasis are not just about transactions across the whole platform, but also free and unrestricted access to all projects on the platform in terms of appearance, parameters, and even functions. For example, the same NFT can be used in several different games on the platform due to their parameters being precisely mapped to each game on MetaOasis as well as the NFTs can be used across games in the form of avatars, decorations, skins and other peripheral props.

There are many different types of poorly made NFTs available in the market. These NFTs, which are the result of hype, are characterized by their harshness and lack of collection or ornamental value. MetaOasis created the NFTs in order to break down the situation. In addition to its interoperability across the whole platform in function, the MetaOasis NFT is also one of the most fantastic and dalicated in the industry in terms of appearance, and even the co-founder of DAO Maker, Mr.Hassan(Hatu) Sheikh, commented that MetaOasis NFT is more advanced than more than 90% of the projects in the industry.

2. High premiums due to not being available for purchase and scarcity

As staking is the only way to obtain MetaOasis NFTs, and as Genesis NFTs are limited to 10,000 pieces, the potential for MetaOasis NFTs to increase in value in the future is immeasurable. This Test to Earn will be one of the few chances to get MetaOasis NFTs for free and early.

3. Prosperous Ecosystem Creates More NFT Equity

MetaOasis, the next generation game publishing platform that connects Web2 and Web3, provides Web3 users with a fantastic world that is richer in NFT usage scenarios and truly enjoyable to play, as well as a familiar and hassle-free login method for Web2 users, making MetaOasis more appealing to users than other platforms.

MetaOasis has already incubated 5 game studios, and more high-quality projects will be launched on MetaOasis in the near future; and MetaOasis has established a $3 million foundation to support the first developers, attracting more developers and projects to MetaOasis.

Under the thriving ecosystem of MetaOasis, the all NFTs on the platform, including the NFTs obtained by Test to Earn this time, will be unlimited possibilities in terms of empowerment.

For example

  • Future returns bonus
  • Tickets to MetaOasis events
  • Priority to playing games on MetaOasis
  • Voting and viewing
  • Extra bonus in games
  • Exclusive badges, avatar, skins, spray-painted logo, etc

About Ligth Chaser

Light Chaser is a single-player space shooting game with fast-paced flight and high maneuverable movement. The game allows players to pilot a variety of styles of spacecraft, and collect energy while fighting against mysterious forces.

Light Chaser has a separate economy and is currently only available as single-player game for users experience and testing. In the future, the official version will have PVP, PVE and other rich gameplay.

Video about Light Chaser — https://twitter.com/funwavestudio/status/1549697067979001856

About MetaOasis

MetaOasis is the next-generation game publishing platform interlinking web2 and web3. Based on the current situation faced by game players and developers, MetaOasis is dedicated to lowering the entry barrier, easing the learning process in order to create a thriving and highly interoperable ecosystem by completely empowering the games, while building a futuristic game universe by integrating the advanced features.

Don’t wait! I truly hope you do not miss out on this chance to get a free MetaOasis’ flagship NFT!

Official Website: https://www.metaoasis.cc/

Twitter:https://twitter.com/Metaoasis_ @Metaoasis_

Discord: https://discord.gg/metaoasis



Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Meta-oasis/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGLcR_Q72Uvpjf-NDuLgc6Q/featured