The 2nd Round Minting of Player One Will Go Live, Metaverse Land Plots and Whitelist Giveaway are Coming!

We never felt surprised that our first NFT Player One would be sold out in three minutes because our pioneering unconditional and permanent buy-back mechanism is welcomed by lots of users and KOLs.

Also, we received a lot of feedback from users who are disappointed for missing out the mint of the first 1000 pics in the 1st round.

In this regard, we are PLEASED to announce that the 2nd round of Player One minting will be live! In the upcoming round, we will not only reward and surprise the first 1,000 1P holders, but will liven up the subsequent 1P holders in a more varied and enjoyable way.

▶Empowerment of All 1P Holders

  • Unconditional and permanent buy-back supports (written in the contract)
  • The 1P- binding Metaverse land plots in Emergence
  • MetaOasis IGO allocation guarantee
  • Joining a series of MetaOasis Games’ internal test as early bird
  • Be the core member of 1P DAO to vote and join the game tour
  • MetaOasis platform DID with special rights and interests
  • Irregular airdrop and rewards(can be traded) of MetaOasis Metaverse
  • As one of the general NFT across the platform, supporting multiple using scenarios
  • Value maximized due to flowing within the ecosystem
  • More collectible due to the exquisite graphic and roared-blooded painting style

The special empowerment for the first batch of 1,000 holders

  • Whitelist snapshot for the 2nd round
  • Priority to selecting 1P- binding Metaverse lands, and moving in at the end of November
  • Got the lands of downtown area in Emergence
  • Got greater IGO allocation

We would like to congratulate the first 1,000 holders that it won’t be long before you can select your 1P-binding Metaverse lands in Emergence and become the first batch of citizens there.

In the future, Emergence will become one of the core projects on MetaOasis, attracting users from web3 to experience the different digital life.

The earliest 1P holders moving in will be given priority to mining all kinds of resources, like minerals, wood and other resources and raising animals to build your homes in the Emergence, as well as to make provisions for your Metaverse life.

As subsequent users move in and the gameplay continues to enrich, your plots and even all the constructions will be the first to be minted into independent NFTs to support your trading, and you will be the group of OG users with the strongest cashability.

How to get Player One ?

We believe consensus is precious, so Player One NFT will also be available in limited supply

  • The total supply: 10,000
  • The first batch: 1,000 (mint ended)
  • The second batch:5,500(mint soon)

Whitelist Raffle: Twitter Scan

The whitelist details are as follows:

  1. Whalelist: Whalelist is for alpha group and blueship NFT holders to purchase in bulk.
  2. OGlist: for those who tend to become our real consensus users in the future. It is the guaranteed whitelist to ensure that those getting OGlist can mint Player One.
  3. 1Plist: for active users in MetaOasis events and they also can get 1P at 50% off. We will conduct several events(like MetaOasis Anniversary, Thanksgiving events) and if you join in, you will get 1Plist on your own.

Here is some specific info about the three kinds of whitelist.

FYI: The whitelist mint just lasts for 2 hours and 15 minutes from 9:45AM to 12PM, then it will change to public mint stage and the mint price is 0.12ETH.

Whitelist plays a very important role in minting. Accordingly, here are some tips to get 1P’s second round whitelists:

  • Take part in the events we hold for a chance to get 1Plist
  • Follow our collaborated KOLs for a chance to get OGlist
  • Join our community to get the freshest news about the upcoming events
  • If you are blue chip NFT holders, pass the news about 1P to your community.

▶Player One PFP NFT & MetaOasis

MetaOasis is a web3 gaming platform with a bigger vision. We are committed to integrating the web3 into good games and truly believe that the next revolution in the gaming industry will undoubtedly occur in the web3 space. And we believe that no game can exist without the close cooperation and mutual reinforce of users and players.

Again, being the first NFT of MetaOasis and also the genesis NFT, 1P is aimed to assemble the first core users of the MetaOasis ecosystem, so that these holders can deeply participate and enjoy all the self-developed and core projects within the platform ecosystem.

As a result, we created the permanent unconditional buy-back mechanism unprecedented in the NFT market, which at its core is designed to insulate users from the price fluctuations in the secondary marketplace, thereby allowing us to attract true consensus users rather than short-term speculators.

I’m sure many of you are aware of this, whether it’s our strong backing (LD Capital, Huobi Ventures, UNIX, FBG, MZ CLUB, Ventures, Metaverse Alliance), or our double hackathon honor (Metaverse Hackathon Gamefi Track/Avalanche Asian Hackathon), MetaOasis is making progress towards our vision.



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