Web3 Festival in Hong Kong — From the Perspective of MetaOasis

3 min readApr 18


The 2023 Hong Kong Web3 Festival has come to an end and this web3 industry has allowed us to see more sparks of ideas from more people. Whether you are, all really felt the buzz of the week and recorded their own exclusive memories of the Hong Kong Web3 Festival. MetaOasis became a part of it and recorded our own highlights.

About 80 conferences were in progress in the first three days of MetaOasis core team’s arrival in Hong Kong. The core team members were scattered to attend the conference, and the conference activities were rich in topics, from macro trends to policy interpretation, web3 panorama to detailed development, from Defi to Cefi, and now ChatGPT and AIGC, providing effective space for all types of project parties and even attendees to discuss. Compared to traditional industry conferences, MetaOasis core team participates in parties with a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, where communication is casual and ideas collide. We linked up with our partners, met face-to-face with our users, and drew each other closer during the party.

This time, we also benefited from our participation in the industry conference of Hong Kong, with countless ideas that inspired us to think about the web3 industry.

  • The best combination of innovation and business models.

Web3 is enabling more and more innovation to burst forth and rise. Whether it’s Defi, Dao or AI, the power of these emerging fields will reshape existing business models and focus on their better long-term development.

  • Freedom and secure environment.

The security embodied by decentralized stored data, and the openness of direct user participation in network construction and management, the invention of wallet addresses are all benefits of technological change. How to stimulate the potential of the industry and maintain user activity, technical security and convenience in future development is also an important issue that project parties need to overcome.

In short, MetaOasis will always discuss the development of Web3 with everyone, and also always stick to our pace and vision, share our research experience with everyone, and contribute our share to the dynamic power of Web3’s future.