What Makes MetaOasis different?- Part 2

The NFTs interconnection and the MNP30 Protocol pioneered by MetaOasis are mentioned at the end of part 1, so this article mainly focuses on these two aspects.

With the rapid development of the NFTs industry and Gamefi, the linkage and interconnection of NFTs have not realized in user experience and in-game products. The reason is that the lack of feasible protocol to solve and connect infrastructure and application scenarios in the underlying technical principle and game application layer. If a game, in the current environment, wants to be compatible with a third-party NFTs, it needs to consider a lot of issues, such as how to map between parameters, how to set external NFTs usage, how to complete migration or compatibility, how to assess the impact of external NFTs on the local economic system, and how to balance and solve them, etc. In short, the lack of an effective and systematic solution to support NFTs flowing across platforms.

The MetaOasis team has designed a perfect solution called MNP30 (MetaOasis NFTs Protocol 30 as shown below) for the industry to address. MNP30 provides three levels of integration of NFTs across platforms.

Layer 1 (MNP301) — the fully interoperable layer. Similar to two compatible games in the same service, they share the NFT system, the parameters and ownership are fully compatible, and holding one NFT can be freely used in two games without incurring any extra cost except that they cannot be used simultaneously. This level of integration applies to two games that are deeply bound at the design stage.

Layer 2 (MNP302) — the convention interoperability layer, which is designed according to the data specification of MNP302 so that the game parameters of NFT can be easily mapped to the value system of the guest games. Meanwhile,the economic sharing mechanism ensure the balance of revenue and economic system on each platform.

Layer 3 (MNP303) — the nominal interoperability layer. Through the interface protocol, NFTs can be mapped to the game as peripheral props that do not influence the numerical system, such as profile, decorations, skins, badges, titles, etc.

Through the three layers of MNP30 Protocol, a rich and prosperous NFT flow system will be created. This time, MNP30 Protocol will break the barriers between games and make joint-effort to build prosperous ecology of web3.



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